Lower Cape News brings you reporting by and about the Lower Cape and the topics we’re talking about in our region.


We are an editorial team, with staff, freelancers, and citizen-journalists all sharing a love for our region and a strong belief in the value of local news and the enduring values of fairness, accuracy, and balance.

We produce news in a variety of formats – from short news clips and feature bits to in-depth roundtables and profiles. Across all formats we work toward telling our stories with quality, accuracy, respect, and passion.

This isn’t the 1980s … or even the year 2000 … which is why we also work to make news meet the community wherever its members are – be that local Cable Channel 99, your smart phone, or online from your winter retreat. Our community is diverse and mobile, but no matter where people are at any given time, a little piece of their heart is always here on the Lower Cape – and Lower Cape News brings a little piece the Cape to that heart.

Lower Cape News wants to share the warp and weave of the Lower Cape’s daily life including both its challenges and its triumphs. We want to embrace the funny feature and shine a light on the debate and discussions that shape who we are. We look for the under-reported stories that matter for our local places. We work to bring the national local, not merely parroting news, but also placing it within the regional and local context and exploring what it means … here.

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